• Update: 12.05.2020
Hi everyone!
In "Resources" section I posted 11 new large textures pack, 2 psd coloring, 6 png pack, 10 icon textures pack and 15 pattern pack. While in the "Portfolio" section I posted new icons, 1 new template and new photo.

Update after a short time, as promised. The quarantine continues and I have not started working again.
In the "Resources" section I added the "PSD" page with 9 downloadable zip, 6 pack of large textures, 9 pack of icon textures, 10 pack of patterns and 8 of PNG-Stock. While in the "Portfolio" section I posted new logos and vectors, 8 regulars and 43 icons.

Hi everyone!
After too many years I decided to go back online with my site. I obviously updated the layout and added the graphic design section, unluckily I lost most of my portfolio when my external hard drive collapsed.
I will try to be constant in keeping it updated as much as possible. If you like using some icons, resources or photos, take it but remember to credit with a link back the site or my deviantArt profile.
Enjoy us!

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